Blue Lizard Sport Equipment Rentals. Bike Hire. Mountain, tandem, kids, BMX road and touring bike hire. Watersports Equipment Hire. Frisbee discs, skateboards, scooters, tennis sets, cricket sets hire.
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About us

Great team, great gear, great prices.


About Blue Lizard

The Blue Lizard team are all about helping people have more fun while in Queenstown.

The Blue Lizard shop is covieniently located at 48 Camp Steet (the station building) Queenstown.

 We pride ourselves on hiring quality equipment at very reasonable rates. Our bikes are strictly used for the easy trails round the lakes district ie no downhill. We cater for families, groups and individuals alike. Our bikes are mainly late model (Specialized and Giant). We also have tandems, baby seats and trailers available along with bmx and touring bikes. We also hire red air inflatable sups along with wetsuits for recreation or triathlon. A variety of sporting equipment including skateboards scooters tennis sets frizzbee/discs to name a few .so for the best deals in town go blue lizard!

Open 9am-6pm.   
7 days a week (weather permitting) .

Hours may extend during peak season.



The Station Building
48 Camp Street
New Zealand 


Phone: (03) 442-5311